Camera Zoom Requests


Requested camera zooms:

1.  Open-Ended: As Megapull stated in the 2nd live stream, a nice zoom idea would be to allow us to control how far in we can zoom in order to better appreciate the terrain and doodad textures.  Also could allow for some smexy candid screenshots of our Inquisitor fighting for the Emperor.

2.  3rd-Person:  Perhaps an over-the-shoulder camera position for those of us looking for more of an action-packed vantage of our ranged-combat.  Mowing down daemons with a heavy-bolter will never look so amazing.

3.  Top-Down:  For those of us with a desire to perfect the art of melee combat, a top-down camera angle would allow us to accurately click on enemies behind cover, see more clearly the pathing our inquisitor will take trying to get into swinging distance, and offer an alternative way to avoid misclicking targets when trying to make the perfect jump.

If you have any other ideas or requests, please comment them down below.

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Camera Zoom Requests
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6 years 352 days ago

I think they have to make a better option for zooming in, as someone who likes to plan his attack into the next room and mostly playing with guns it's not really helpful that you can't zoom in to a over the shoulder view to see what you are getting yourself into beforehand
trying to use the destructible environment efficiently it's without a doubt essential that you can at least see into the next room without getting close enough to the enemies that they already start to attack you

6 years 353 days ago
Tarantus Bohart

I understand what you are saying and many of my favourite games are over the shoulder views. For the purposes of getting screenshots etc I agree with you and Aprosule.

But it's my view that during combat shoulder cams do not work within games that have been designed as top down arpgs as it makes anything except for the easiest content impossible because it's 100% mandatory that you see the ground at your characters feet (for enemy abilities) as well as the space behind you because map design and enemy placement in an ARPG is always of 360 nature. This is just my view and in no way an attack on anyone xD but if you look at the witcher game, which started as a top down title, they essentially had to rebuild the entire game including everything from enemies to maps and enemy abilities to allow for a third person camera.

It's a very complicated subject and I was already planning a discussion of my own on the various different camera angles. I'll try to give a more thorough explanation in there as to how the two game types differ. If they could make it work and viable for difficult content (like arena modes where you are surrounded) then I have absolutely nothing against it. 
6 years 353 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Current camera "options" are the only obstacles which holds me from planing to play Martyr for years. Character details will be awesome, why to restrict us from zooming in and giving a shoulder view to the front? Like we have in Total War games - if you zoom enough, you can see far far in the front as through the soldier's eyes. Now, if you zoom in here, you see your character and 2 yards around it. So you are blind. Having in mind how many enemies you fight at once..

More camera options would attract more players from different games, like actionor MMO (as myself). ARPG is a niche type of a game, so why not to expand it to embrace more population. 

6 years 355 days ago

In addition to the above, i'd also like a hotkey to hide all UI. Think this is also essential for "badass screenshots"