Caius Thorn bug


Hi, I've hit a brick wall on the Saving Caius Thorn quest. I have searched for the Magus Biologis in the 3 places. It is says completed 3 out of 3. But then thats it. I can't progress any further. Am I missing something? Hope you can help.

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Caius Thorn bug
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75 days ago

Did you check on your character since you messaged us? We fixed the problem then checked your character which should be able to proceed now. Let us know if you still have any trouble with it.

90 days ago

Thanks for getting back to me. A campaign quest was highlighted, which I completed. But the new quest ' Hunt for the Martyr. Talk to Metrodora about the condition of the Space Marine', isn't highlighting anything on the space map. So I don't know where to go next.

 Sorry for bugging you again.

107 days ago
We fixed the issue could you please check on your character?