Cabal Recruitment- Hydra


Ok so this is a little off - topic perhaps for the usual workings of the forum. But it's also perhaps the only relevant place to post this.

With the coming patch is due some cabal features, while the specifics aren't released yet I thought it best to fill out some of the ranks as "Ordo Hydra" has had a little spring clean of the AFK'ers every couple months an we have space for some fresh recruits.  

Should anyone like to apply to the group the only entry requirement is that you have contributed towards feedback in some way, be it feedback posts or bug reports etc. We simply have this requirement because most of us want to help the game and want to make sure we are surrounded by other people with similar intentions. Best thing is to PM me on discord, which is where I seem to live xD

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Cabal Recruitment- Hydra
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