Cabal Missions & Glory bugged.


Have played the pc version since launch but, recently picked up on Playstation also to play with some friends there. I linked my email to my Neocore account there and we started a Cabal two weeks ago(CellarDwellers) and completed the quests for that week, they haven't reset now for 2 Sundays in a row. Is there a way to get this working?

Also this week I didn't receive any of the rewards for max Glory for the week, even though last week I did. Any help would be appreciated.

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Cabal Missions & Glory bugged.
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269 days ago
For us the weekly cabal missions are back since thursday.

Thank you.

282 days ago

I got the exact same problem, also on Playstation, now already in the third week. - Got my glory reward today, but the cabal missions won't reset anymore.

Cabal: Weyland-Yutani

Aside of that, the "week of..." once didn't changed in that periode of time and I think I didn't received every reward I should have. - Cabal members and other players reported this too. Some players even told me, they have to die at the beginning of a mission just to get all buffs and perks working. - Game seems pretty glitchy right now.

Hope you can fix that soon, some new players/ cabal members start disliking the game and thats not appropriate. :-)