Cabal Mission is not working again


Cabal Missions:

Send Tribute to Mars

Collect Electro Fragments 0/40

Got around 15 to 20 in some missions today and Counter is still at 0/40

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Cabal Mission is not working again
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6 years 245 days ago

I've encountered the same issue for 2 weeks now.

6 years 265 days ago

The same happens to me now, I have a cabal Mission where i should collect alloys, but there is no button to offer/sacrifice the alloys, and cabal missions are no longer on display on the Bridge (normally they were displayed below the dailies...).

It's annoying that my cabal cannot fulfil any missions this way, not even the easy ones :-(

6 years 280 days ago

Just checked. No button there, so it seems to be another type of mission. Like written before, i had missions where i had to give away Cash or crafting mats. But they where not collect xy, they where named something else.

I mean, collect is collect and not deliver...

I had collect missions also, like kill enemy type X and collect items that they drop. This one, i have now,. sounds like that, without the killing part. I´ll have to get the Items out of Boxes, and as written in my first post, i got some earlier today and they did not count. So, if it is a to collect- or even realy a deliver kind of mission, it is not working properly. :)

6 years 280 days ago

I know the part with sacrificing them. Had such missions, but have more then enough of them. But no button to do this. But tried this before collecting the first one today. So i have to find new ones and sacrifice them? I´ll have to try this, but till now, i always could use the ones i had, when they where just to "deliver"

6 years 280 days ago

Getting them is the first part, you need to offer them to the adepts on Mars.

That is, there should be a button that lets you actually give your materials away to fulfill this cabal mission. Normally I'd say you'll find that button in the short mission description on the right while you are on your bridge (like the buttons for priority and placeholder missions), but after the update I do not see a cabal mission listed on the right of my own bridge screen.

In short: Collecting the material is not enough, you must sacrifice it...