Cabal Directives


Once upon a time in Alpha/EA I used to be able to clear one of these 150ct gathering directives in a day or two of hard play, since launch even with several Inquisitors working on it and grinding the same way I did before it's taken us nearly all week to finish an Unholy Codexes directive, just unlucky rng on our part or has this become much harder for everyone?

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Cabal Directives
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4 years 181 days ago
We managed to complete, and move on to the Nurgle Relics which we managed in a couple of hours of combined effort so we squeaked by for the week but still, it seems like it got a lot more difficult. I assume its due to the introduction of the new factions, so not as many Chaos Legion are spawning without RNGesus. Even if they added the drops to the new Villian Psykers or Rogue Psykers in the Chaos missions it would probably be tolerable again.
4 years 181 days ago
Same experience with our Cabal, we've actually been extremely furiously pissed off about it and we're hoping its due to just incredibly shitty RNG. We've basically given and decided to not even try this week for the directive because 110 unholy codices is basically a big middle finger. Even with a full Cabal of 20 just farming the crap out of chaos missions (if they're even available) for the insignificant chance that a sorcerer might spawn and then the even more insignificant chance that we'll actually get a real drop. That could mean x1000 missions. Any of the other directives can be done in like an hour. This was outrageous. If they've changed all of them to be similar in difficulty then we're just going to give on even paying attention to the directives.