Cabal creation crash


Game crashes every time I attempt to make a Cabal

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Cabal creation crash
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1 year 363 days ago

any stuff?still can't create cabal after patch

1 year 364 days ago

me too

can't create cabal

An unhandled win32 exception occurred in Warhammer_x64_11.exe[24760].

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2 years 10 days ago

I'm also having issues with this and so is my other half. I debugged it and this is the error it came back with, hope this helps:


I've verified files via Steam & tried changing the name and it didn't help!

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2 years 11 days ago

Not just you, I've not been able to create a Cabal. Have verified the game integrity multiple times to no avail

2 years 16 days ago
Try verifying game integrity via Steam and/or modifying the cabal name and see if it works.
2 years 16 days ago
We'll check, thanks for the report!