Bugs using controller [PC] Ver 1.3.0


1. News feed is corrupted - right side option has a huge white block over it - I can't quite read it on my setup.

2. System maps / star map / sector map all move without input (drifting). 

3. Reedeemer helmet show clipping on the left side of the helmet - using male gunner. 

4. Master of Pain Tarot card is showing unlock requirement even though I've unlocked it.

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Bugs using controller [PC] Ver 1.3.0
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4 years 4 days ago
As for the Tarot card, it requires to gather enough influence in the Triglav Subsector - Aureus System. In case you reached the required influence, please do one more mission regardless of where it is and you will get the card!

As for the rest, we could not reproduce them. If these are still ongoing issues, please send us screenshots which will definitely help us resolve them! 

4 years 5 days ago
Thanks for addressing these problems, we will check each and every one of them and get them fixed as soon as possible!