Bugs Unable To Travel and Magos Biologis not found


Hi! I have two problems, first I played the story mission "Chapter Two , Saving Caius Thorn, Search for the Magos Biologis" and the magos was not found at any location, there are no new missions. Then when I reached level 8 a new message to travel to "Chernobog System", Ican't travel to there, there is no menu or option which allows me to travel out of my current system, circle button dissapeared, I am locked. I have attempted every possible potential fix on my end, but I have no solution. I found a lot of people with the same problem, can you help me? 

PS4 Player name Danteviler, Crusader.


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Bugs Unable To Travel and Magos Biologis not found
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1 year 12 days ago
Awesome, thanks very much
1 year 12 days ago
We will handle your progress @SEPULCHASM@THREEBRAVO@DANTEVILER‍ shortly!
1 year 12 days ago
Same here. 

Starteda new game as I’d got a bug where I couldn’t travel out of a system, but got the same again now!

1 year 13 days ago
I am having the same issue and reported 2 days ago but had no responses