Bugs / Minor Issues / Wishes


Today I want to report the following Bugs & Issues

  1.  The Achievement "Judge and Jury" still doesn't work for the Crusader.
  2.  The Achievement "Veteran of Battles" still doesn't count any of the Multiplayer Missions.
  3.  The Heroic Dead "Hunter of Hunters" seems to be broken - none of my Kills are counted.
  4.  The Heroic Deed "Champion of the Emperor" tells us to reach 3 times the Maximum of the Weekly Glory Challenge. The Counter shows X of 5.
  5. Using the Reload-Button at a full Clip/Magazin  of Ammunition unloads the Weapon to the previous Amount of Ammunition (in a worst case to a nearly empty Clip/Magazin).
  6. At the Rescue-Mission (save 3 Groups of Guardsmen) - we maybe noted the Reason why the third Group isn't move. At the Start of that Mission the Locations of the Groups are hidden. They become visible when you get closer to the Groups, one after the other. Sometimes the third Group is unrevealed before the second Group is found (e.g. when you search the Area for a Chest). While the Position of the third Group is marked on the Map you proceed forward and find the second Group - and maybe this is the Point when the Group 3 gets broken. We had that Issue 3 times so far, each time Group 3 was marked on the Map while Group 2 was still hidden. That's why we think this could be the Core of the Bug.

Finaly some additional Wishes. 

  1. The Mission Type "Hot Persuit" requires - once more - a very fast Gameplay. It's nearly impossible to complete that kind of Mission with a common Crusader or a defensive Build of a Psyker. It would be very nice if you could rebalance this Mission in a Way, that the Player can decide which kind of Playstyle he want's to use. It's alway .... frustrating when Neocore decides how to play the Game. That "Issue" ends every time the Left Path of the Void Crusade, and that's disappointing every time.
  2. You should add a Discription of the different Mission Types to your Compendium. It took us 4 Attempts to find out what we have to do at the "Hot Persuit" Mission. Maybe some new Players will need this Informations aswell.
  3. Can you please add the Option to move not the entire Stack of a Consumable from the Character Inventory to the Stash and vice versa? I would like to sell some of the Void Crystalls because I received in nearly every Mission during my Crusades an additinal One, so I never can use them all. An Input Field, where I can determine how many Items of the same kind I want to move, would be very useful.
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Bugs / Minor Issues / Wishes
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4 years 275 days ago
-Assassin Infiltrator.

Adrenal Valves stopped working during mission. Mission restart fixed it.

4 years 275 days ago

with Crusader heavy Gunnder, and with heavy bolter the foloowing perks does not work :

- attack anchor / there is no buff active when standing still /

-armoury of zeal / using belt chagres no matter what, instead of focus /

Character :

- movement is instantly disabled when i try to move in the first 1-2 sec in a mission when in with dialog with an npc. Mission reset, if possible solves the issue.

-Passive skill points goes into minus value, after using a skill reset. As far as i see, it resets the skill tree, you have the point. But on next log in. The reseted tree is back, and the point counter shows minus values

4 years 275 days ago

The "Multiplier" isn't a specific kind of Kill, it's indeed the numbers of Minutes that has passed. On my current Intel Mission I got this (sorry: stupid) trait again - and again the HP is increasing. This time I observed a Group of Space Marines. After each 60 Sec the HP was increased by +30% of the Basic HP Value (roughly 2900 HP).

I think, the trait is working as intended - BUT - in a worse Way. The HP should only be given, if the Unit already has taken some damage. Otherwise the Missions become unbeatable, because you can't move around everytime for 60 Seconds when you face the Enemy at the end of your Mission for the first time and after "activating" the Units with the first hit to reset the HP to the Basic Value. 

Really, what a strange Bug. Please disable the Trait or fix it into something different.

4 years 275 days ago

the Discription below is CONFIRMED: When the Trait "Unhurt Enemies gain +30%HP every 60 (30) Seconds" is displayed, the Enemies HP is increasing by Time. I had today another Mission with that Discription (Typ: Hunt / Enemies: Rebel Guard) and I noticed, that after killing an entire Watchgroup (The Groups that are moving around and are displayed with Skulls on the Map) the Amount of the HP at an unrevealed Group was increased (it seems again - by a Multiplier). 

In Maths: (Basic HP +30%) * Multiplier for killing a Group that is increased by "1" each time a Group is killed. 

AND: After some Time (today roughly 60 Seconds) the HP drops back to the Basic HP, once the enemy Unit gots hurt for the first time. 

Use this Information to purge this Bug - immedeately. Thanx

4 years 275 days ago


I did some tries on the Execution Bug with my Crusader, I used different Weapons, I spend 1 Point to the Execution Tree (+2% Chance to gain Executions), I played Missions up to Difficulty +3 to my own Level - I reached 70+ Executions but no single Execution was counted to the Achievement. So, what ever you have tested, it doesn't work for me.

Anyway, I want to report 2 addition Problems / Informations to known Bugs.


At Patch June 25th you stated, the Bug with the 75% of spawning Deamons is fixed. I have to report: No it's not. I had an 75% spawning rate at an Intel Mission against Drukhari, with 67% Champion Deamons and 33% minor Deamons get spawned, at ca. 75% of all Kills.


You already have heared about the 1 Million HP Enemies. I faced such a Mission today. And I noticed the following behaviour. The Amount of HP of the Enemies seems to be affected by a Buff/Debuff Effect. And it seems to be affected by the number of killed Commander Units. What I noticed was, that after each Kill of a Commander Class Unit the Amount of HP was increased (it seems to be a Multiplier). The second - and most interesting Fact - is, that the Amount of HP returns to normal Values after some time (that's why I think that a Buff/Debuff Effect is involved). When I faced up an Enemy Group I shooted each Member of the Group once, turned around a moved over the Map for some time (mostly 15 to 30 Seconds) - et voila, the HP turned back to normal Values. Sometimes it happened very fast, sometimes it took some time (atleast once more than 60 seconds), but mostly it was roughly half a minute. 

An additional Info: One of the already deployed Penalties at this Intel Mission was a Text, that was something like this: "After the first attack the Enemy gains +30% HP if not hurt for 30 seconds" I'm not sure if this is exactly what there was written, in my understanding it was something like: "If I don't hurt the enemy for 30 Seconds it will recover +30% HP." I never had this Text/Penalty before, and I never had that Issue at any Mission. All of the other Effects that were deployed to the Intel Mission I already have seen in other Missions, so I think - maybe - this Penalty could be the/one Reason for the Issue.

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4 years 277 days ago
Brax Malcharion

1. We found the issue, the achievement did not count in coop! This will get fixed asap!

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4 years 278 days ago
Brax Malcharion
Correction @#5: Since the recent Patch the "Unload" Bug isn't longer present.
4 years 278 days ago


1. The Passiv Tree is unlocked, but I haven't spend any Points here. And I don't think that this hould be neccessary, because my Executions are counted to the Heroic Deed "Executioner". Since Patch V2.0 I did ca. 40 Executions, both on Champions like Sentinals or Dreadnoughts and on common Infantry (with the Timer over their head).

2. ....

3. When I opened this Thread on Sunday the Value showed "0". On Sunday I played only Coop Matches without any Boss Enemies. The last Boss Enemy that I have encountered was on Friday when I played the Storyline of the "Tide of Blood" Campaign until the Point where the "Careful, Thorn!" Achievement was unlocked. On Monday the Counter showed "1 of 5" - that means, there was a delay. I know, this will be hard/impossible to reproduce, but I wanted to point this out since I noticed the "Progress".

4. ....

5. I can reproduce this at any Time with the Autogun and the Boltergun. Maybe the Reason is the "Artificier Magazines" Perk that adds 25% Capacity to the Magazin. One additional Fact: At the Start of every Mission the Magazin has the basic Ammount of Ammunition clipped, so the very first thing I do at every Mission is to reload the Weapon. If the Perk is the Reason for that Bug you should have a look at the Perk "Adaptive Efficiency" aswell (+50% Capacity).

4 years 278 days ago

1. We could not reproduce the issue, tried it with Crusader and the achievement properly counted the kills. Is your passive skill tree unlocked and points distributed? 

2. This will get fixed as soon as possible!

3. You mean the deed tracks properly with some delay?

4. We will check this out!

5. We could not reproduce the case as with a full magazin one cannot reload the ranged weapon.

6. We tried to ignore the 2nd group and rush to the 3rd as you suggested but with no avail - anyway thanks for the feedback on this!

Hot Pursuit groups most likely will get their movement speeds reduced so it will be more easily doable.
We will consider adding this to the mission briefing window instead of the Compendium

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4 years 279 days ago


Finally I managed to find out, that "Ctrl + Left-Drag&Drop" while being in the Characters Inventory  is the Way to unstack the Consumables. That's why I would like to thank You for the Help. 

I also would like to promote You into the Rank of the Community Manager, because the current one is still ignoring my Posts. ^^


You may will like to know, that the "Hunters of Hunters" Progress at my Account now shows "1 of 5". That value wasn't shown yesterday, so I think that there is a Delay at the servers end.

The second "Fact" I want to report is, that the "Missing Loot Bug" is no Bug at all. Yesterday I had 5 or 6 Coop Missions, where the Loot wasn't at my Inventory when the Mission was completed. But after 1 or 2 additional Missions, or when returning to the Game after some Time (30 to 60 Minutes) the Loot was present. That's another Delay caused by the Server. Maybe - if not already done - you should give that Information to the Players alongside with the Patch Notes at the next Patch (on Thursday would be nice).

4 years 280 days ago
You can split stacks with CTRL-Left.