Bugs I've seen so far

  • Tech Adept
    • Defense Tree
      • Certain passives are still using Crusader functions. For example, Shield Mastery, Bulwark of Zeal, and Defensive Stance
    • Melee Combat Tree
      • There a certain passives in this tree that function based off things that the Tech Adept simply does not have access to. For example: Weapon Mastery (+ crit chance with combo skills) and Eviscerate (+ suppression damage with fleshbane skills)
    • Grand Flux Parasite
      • This heroic deed doesn't actually increase in progress, no matter how much data-flux is used
  • Character Stats Screen
    • When you hover over the class resource regeneration in the character stats screen, it will always talk about Data-flux, no matter the player's true class
    • When hovering over Data Flux on a Tech Adept character, the tool tip says "Enables use of Crusader specific Skills"
  • Crafting Menu
    • On the stat reroll pages, the following item bonuses do not display correctly:
      • +HP Regen for 10 seconds when Suppression drops to 50% and 10%, +Suppression for 10 seconds when HP drops below 50% and 10%
        • Text overlaps itself
      • +Deflect for 5 seconds after blocking an attack with Shield Block
        • Reroll stats show {deflect}
  • Psalms
    • Voltagheist is not increasing damage reduction soft-cap. It is instead giving +10 energy shield on hit
    • Aegis seems to be doing nothing
  • Psalm Combinations
    • Aegis-Hypergheist-Shroud-Nova code currently comes up as "invalid Code" and does not work
  • Shards
    • Corpus shard's +HP regen bonus is not effected by the Artificial Organs II trait
  • Other
    • Old warzone items show the incorrect stats on the Bridge (the stats are correct while on mission)
      • Example: Old Warzone Innoculator used to give +42 Heat Resist. The new cap the item can give is +13 Heat Resist. On the bridge it claims I get all 42 from the item, whereas in a mission I correctly only get 13.
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Bugs I've seen so far
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