BUGs & first impression


Deeply, deeply impressed with both quality and stability for an alpha version. I'll try and keep to points/bugs I haven't already read elsewhere:


1. Very good and haven't experienced any crashes at all. Runs well with most options turned up to max on my rig (i7-6700k, 32 Gb RAM, GTX970) but I have the same problem as others in that graphics settings don't save so need to be reset each time the game is launched.

2. The only slight pause is in the transition animation between sector/sub-section/planet (which are phenomenal by the way), where the timer icon comes up for about a second.


3. The UI seems to be out of alignment, with the graphics and the blue outline box highlight being out by about a third of the screen when you select them in the following areas: inventory window, skills window and storage window. I'm running in at 2560x1080 on a widescreen monitor, which might explain it.  Intermittently some of the tool tips, like when you hover over the star map graphic on the bridge, suffer from the same.

4. The Heroic Deeds section seems to be activated and view-able, but none of them increase after each mission.

5. Loot picked up in each mission either appears in a 'bag' in the inventory (that just needs to be right clicked on for it to appear in full in the inventory, which took a bit of trial and error to work out), sometimes appears in the inventory direct or sometimes doesn't appear at all. Certain categories like chest signums or scythe engines never seem to appear after being picked up.

6. All loot picked up in each mission seems to have attributes but no attack or defence score, which usually makes it weaker than the starting gear or what you can buy in the shop, and limits what you can increase your defence and attack power bars up to. Also, the shop seems to intermittently be completely empty or well-stocked.

7. After quitting out of one mission where you cannot damage the chaos spawn points to stop enemies spawning, the autogun I was using disappeared from the inventory. I replaced it with a melee weapon and shield, quit back to desktop and when I reloaded the game the autogun had reappeared and overwritten the chainsword and shield. After this, I get the same problem as others with no loot window appearing at the end of any mission.

8. The tip to move the camera angle by holding down the mouse wheel then moving the mouse doesn't work for me, and I can't find a keyboard shortcut, so I can't adjust the camera beyond scrolling in and out with the mouse wheel itself.

That's it for now, keep up the excellent work...

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BUGs & first impression
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7 years 127 days ago
Valkyrie Neocore

Logitech Marathon 705, but you were right it was set to scroll only in the manufacturer settings.  The screen rotate via the mouse does feel a little clunky though, so would prefer a keyboard option as well.

Also, another one - 9: I get intermittent crashes (screen freezes on loading, have to manually kill from task manager) while trying to start missions on Vitaris Minor but not anywhere else.

7 years 127 days ago
8: Probably mousebutton 3 means something else in your case. Manufacturer/model of your mouse?