1: If you run into Plague Marine HAVOC NPC"s it makes it all most impossible to even get up if there are any other NPC"s around to run from them, get a shot off and reload. They just reload way too fast or blast area effect is too wide or powerful.

2: All NPC ranged weapons have too much range on them I think or increase Character range. Currently Character weapon range is ridiculously too short.

3: Several character gear stats are not registering on character, {Critical Hit strength Warp resistance are 2 for sure}. Not sure if the are being applied?

4: When swapping weapons every thing goes on cool down and cannot use weapons until it is over.

5: Gear items and weapons still disappearing from character.

6: Allow players to see earlier before passing through entrance ways. Being shot at before entering or being able to see whom shooting at you is not fun.

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6 years 23 days ago

Thanks for all the feedback, I have added this to our bug report!

Item disappear bug is being looked at at the moment - since 0.1.5 we have more info about lost items, and they are not erased which means we can give them back. However, our goal is to patch this globally instead of dealing with individual user's items, which should solve all such problems in the future. Stay tuned!