Bug in skills


Greetings Neocore team.
You have made a great product, like a breath of fresh air in a few years! I speak as a player with 25 years of experience).

But like any new game, it's not without its flaws.

Noticed these bugs:
Some passive skills of the characters stop working after a few missions! Brunnor Le Noir - heavy armor skill (in the castle it shows 8 action points, and in the mission there are always 7 of them); Mordred the Vindicator (Physical resistance) was 15% resistance, after missions sialo again 0%; Tristan - Counterattack (DOES NOT respond to frontal attacks in combat).

After using the book to remove a negative skill, the skill returned again after 1-2 missions.

I really hope for a quick fix, I want to continue the game as soon as possible!)
With Neocore settings!

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Bug in skills
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