BUGS - 3 Points got catched


1st ----- I owned the Game before June 5th, I played the Game on the 5th,  but with the recent patch i was not rewarded with the Cherub. I'm not the only one with that Issue.

2nd ----- The Trading Crads should be unlocked since June 5th (that's stated in the Changelog). But they aren't.

3rd ----- The Sentrygun of the Crusader doesn't disappear under the following circumstances:

  1.  If you die the 60sec Countdown gets brocken and the Sentry remains on the Map
  2.  If a Cutszene is played the 60sec Counter gets broken and the Sentry remains on the Map
  3. If you move to far away of the Sentry, the 60sec Counter gets broken and the Sentry remains on the Map

All of that are minor Issues, I know, but if someone could have a look on that, it would be very nice.

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BUGS - 3 Points got catched
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3 years 133 days ago

I still haven't the Cherub (some people got it after completing a Mission - I did not). I also did not got the "Meme Virus" Equipment (5x 100% EP Bonus) - but i found it at Lady Wynter for a Pricetag of 250.000 Credits.

3 years 134 days ago
Thank you for that info!

I also reported the sentry-guns-not-despawning bug a while back in alpha, but I did not analyze what actually caused it.

Also thank you for providing info that it is still bugged (I had really hoped it is not).

This is actually a gamebreaking bug, as with a Crusader and Sentinel Armor, you can NOT cast any new turrets if you have 3 already, yea, seriously. -.-

For me, that meant after about 1/5th of a map, turrets were permanently broken, having 3 turrets that do not depspawn.

Now with that info from you, it is still not playable, as you'd need to stay close to your turrets every single time you spawn one and wait the 60 seconds for them to depspawn, which is simply not viable.

I do hope that this gets fixed soon, I would really like to play Crusader, and I do not really like the other 2 armor abilities!