Melta - have unproper animationtwo rays agains one.

shotgun - "man stoping power"  shells ignore obstacles and covers, go straigth thro anything. I dosnt know thats right or wrong, i didnt find this ability in description of ability.


Game stuck in 90% wille loading after the mission succes. I kill game process and sturt again.


inventory broke after some playing time. Chages dosnt saves after you load next location its work whith loot too, i mean no tophys after the mission. Items what i sold apear again. After some times more trayder lose all shes items in the store, as well.

Probably its becoase i force kill game process, dont know.


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6 years 233 days ago

Sorry i was wrong, prolem whith ignoring covers was whith fuchety rounds when fire whith shutgun, not manstopping.

Also maybe its have reason to increse melta weapons power and overheat speed x2? It dosn quite efective against vehicles as suppoust to be. Or add modifier like in table top, then closer you are then more damege and armor pircing you have.  

Multimelta have some similiar bag whith fire animetion like a melta do. Some heretics have the same issue whith they beam magic.


6 years 233 days ago
alongside whith reconect and exit.
6 years 233 days ago
Another issue. Its not kinde of a bug but steel...

I think it will help people if some one make a button in the menu to force log off when game thinks that you are already login. Becous of unproper game shutdown during a crash.

6 years 233 days ago
Heavy problems whith weapon when you take two pistols.

1) only one shoot at once, not quite gunslinger type... Even in table top game you can shoot both pistol at the same time

2) Only one pistole use his ammunition when you choose 2 pistols of the same type (bolt pistols for example), ather pistor ammo just dont spended.

3) If you chose different pistols then you have only basicks ataks whith them (it seems ok, and even allow to shoot both but not the same time) so in a meter of combat this style is usles if both pistols not shoot  they all atacks when you press mouse buttons and keyboards "1", "2".

6 years 233 days ago

No problem, im glad if its helps a little.

6 years 233 days ago
heavy flamer bug on abiility on button "3"  inproper animation. Instead of firing it shows blue white and red lines out the barrel.
6 years 233 days ago

Thanks for reporting!