Bugged Passives



I wanted to reallocate some passives about. So I brought two mind resets. Used it on Health and Defense. Then allocated the reclaimed points into Aimed Shots and Single DPS. However on closing out of the passives and logging into the game another time. I have noticed that it has bugged out and reallocated Health and Defence. While Aimed Shots and DPS still have those allocated points. Leaving me to see I am at 87 points (instead of maybe 59 (Character is 59)), and minus 24 points on the passives tree.

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Bugged Passives
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3 years 205 days ago
We will fix this issue as soon as possible! 
3 years 208 days ago
After getting a Mind Reset in mission, I decided to buy a second and try using them on the two 'bugged' out passive trees. Health and Defence. It then seemed to open up the 5 passive points which had been swallowed by the fact previous it had taken me into minus with it.

I am unsure if when I next close and reopen the game it will remain right now as it is. But I have hope it might.