Bugged module


There seems to be something wrong with this module:

We all know that rerolling all enchants can give (or reduce) perks on an item. I just tried about 50-60 rolls and the module always remained at 3 perks. With that many rolls it is extremely unlikely to remain unchanged.

Considering that just a few days ago I rerolled 4 modules to 5 perks each, this is definitely suspicious. Something odd is going on with this module.

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Bugged module
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1 year 158 days ago
I have moved it into my main TA's inventory (Dominus Prime).

I gave it another 50 re-rolls - still no luck. With now about 100+ re-rolls on this module, there is definitely something fishy going on. Perhaps there is a small subset of relic modules that are somehow different from others? Similar to when the construct weapon modules were removed following the TA rework, but some of them remained in the game for months (different item ID / category or something, I guess).

Normally I wouldn't give a damn about a module, but lvl 100s drop once in 6 months at best, so it's a shame if it is bugged in some way.

1 year 158 days ago

Please place this item into your inventory of one of your chars and let me know its name. I will copy the character and check the item.

1 year 244 days ago

Oh, you absolutely can! I rerolled 4 modules this way a few days ago.

My money is on some modules being bugged, similarly to what was happening 1-2 years ago, with modules being completely locked after you used them in a construct. So if you then took a module out and wanted to reroll it, it wouldn't work.

I assume there are some modules that work fine and can be rerolled, including changing the number of their enchants, and some others that are partially bugged and the number of enchants can't be changed. Which is especially bothersome when you finally get a level 100 module...

1 year 244 days ago

Really ? I thought the enchant numbers cannot be changed by this functionality since long ago (may be more than a year)........

I might have rerolled hundreds of times but I never saw the enchant number changed.

So to me it's a little surprising that it still worked for you until very recent days.

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