Bug walker relic chapter 4


Hi all,

I've just finish the game and I still have a quest active, I've to find the walker relic and probably give it to them.

I've got the Relic (find it on the south) and I can't give back to them, can't talk to them 

Anyone got the solution? 

thanks in advance 

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Bug walker relic chapter 4
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6 years 219 days ago
Hey Noony,

Can you please tell us what platform you're playing on?

6 years 219 days ago

I'm on PC 

With the final cut edition 

6 years 218 days ago
Hi, can you send a screenshot of the situation? Would be good to see your active quests.
6 years 214 days ago

Here you have some screenshots, the active quest, the relic in my inventory but can't speak to the walker 


I've already finish the game, but still got this quest 

PS : It's in french