Bug Report Grav-Pistol / Dual Wield


What an awesome game!

I'm just reporting some bugs I have encountrered.
The animation is sometimes broken. The character sometimes wont "move/walk/run" when it is equipped and sometimes the sound is missing. Also the "Right-click" attack isn't showing any animation at all.

Dual Wield:
When you equip a dual wield set up on your character, you can't remove it. You can't unequip anything and you can't replace any dual wield weapon with a two-han weapon. You can only replace with a one-hand weapon, which in this case forces you still to be dual wielded.

Keep up the good work!

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Bug Report Grav-Pistol / Dual Wield
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7 years 119 days ago
Thanks, we are working this out at the moment! Will get fixed asap.
7 years 119 days ago
When trying to go back to weilding 2H weapons you first need to right click (RMB) a 2 hander in your inventory and it will equip removing the two single hand weapons and allowing you to then drag and drop other 2h weapons in as per normal.
7 years 120 days ago
try replacing your main hand with a power sword, i havent encountered this bug but by equipping a melee main had ive heard that it unlocks your off hand. also try replacing your off hand with a shield. just an idea