Bug report (Relic Enchant doesn't work)


I don't know how to take a screenshot in Martyr?

Anyway, I found a relic Sniper Rifle with the following enchant:

"The first attack with Surprise bonus deals +292% damage"

However, it deals only 2300 from Suprise state - where it deals 2000 WITHOUT surprise. I tested this on enemies with a large HP pool (7000+) - to make sure they survive the hit.

The 300 extra is probably from the 30% standard surprise attack bonus (should be 600, though - as 30% of 2000 = 600).

So, the 292% definitely doesn't work here - and I guess the normal surprise damage doesn't work either.

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Bug report (Relic Enchant doesn't work)
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54 days ago

Bumping this, just crafted up a sniper rifle with this property, and am disappointed to find out that it does absolutely nothing.  http://prntscr.com/q5lxzc