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I load the game up just fine but when i get into the menu for character creation the plinth in the middle of the screen is artifacting with black spots dancing all over it. As I try to make my character it begins lagging hard after picking the class it usually black screens my entire computer and crashes everything forcing a hard restart of the computer. Physically unplayable this is after an uninstall reinstall.

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7 years 75 days ago

Hi, I just sent the email sorry for the late response I've been busy lately. You should have received an email from me entitled here is my DXDiag info.

7 years 84 days ago
Tiberius Fellblade

The GTX 950M might be the problem.

Please write an email, where you can also send your dxdiag to the support team.

[email protected]

7 years 84 days ago

I would be extremely surprised if I don't meet the requirements for the game seeing as I can play games like BF1 and GRW no issue. 

I'm running on an MSI 2QE Leopard pro with an Intel I7 5700 HQ (2.7 GHz) 8 cores


GTX 950M which according to DXDiag states that approximate total amount of RAM is: 10GB

this is using  Direct X 12.

And I'm loading off of a 500GB SD drive.

7 years 84 days ago

yeah how do you want me to send it to you since for some reason this chat system wont let me just attach a .txt or an image and I have to go and literally make a link for even an image.

7 years 86 days ago
Could you send me your dxdiag?