Bug! Persistant Attrition blindness not triggering Disorient shock debuff


Persistant Attrition dot effect triggering blindness works, but blindness does not trigger shock effect from Disorient passive from debuff skill tree. (Disorient passive says "that enemies under the effect of STUN, BLIND or KNOCKDOWN are SHOCKED as well"). Tested against regular enemies so no suppression resistance.

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38 days ago
Disorient also don't trigger with knockdown ( i tested with null rod annullment skill with 6m area effect knockdown and not single regular enemy got shocked when they got knocked to the ground).
41 days ago
Thank you for reporting the Disorient passive skill we will test it ourselves too and in case it is bugged we will fox it. 

Thank you again!

42 days ago
Another test with ancient relic gun of blindness: tested without the persistent attrition perk and gun shot triggering blindness debuff on regular enemies don't trigger Disorient shock debuff. So Disorient shock debuff is not working with blind trigger.