[BUG - PC - v2.3.2 and 2.3.1] Rapid Elimination Protocol Perk Broken


BUG:  PC - Patch v2.3.2 -  Assassin sniper, Rapid Elimination Protocols perk still not working since breaking in Patch 2.3.1.  Patch notes claim text updated, am still seeing the perk state that abilities with Sniper tag refresh on kill.  Sniper skills still have standard cooldown, even with perk equipped.

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[BUG - PC - v2.3.2 and 2.3.1] Rapid Elimination Protocol Perk Broken
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357 days ago
Yes, I'm getting this bug too. I appreciate the hard work you're doing - working during Covid and what not - but this is a very important perk and definitely needs fixing ASAP! :)
358 days ago
This was an overlook on our end, our apologize for the caused inconvenience. We will try to be as fast as possible to update the game with the fixes.
359 days ago

Please define "shortly", you ruined one month of my season from Aug 5 to Sept 16. "interestingly" it should just work, since before the Aug 5 patch it worked just fine and the Sep 16 patch which wwas supposed to fix it, "interestingly" din NADA, it is just as broken as after Aug 5 patch... Are we going to wait another month to gaze at the "interesting" mystery or is anyone actually going to fix it in a reasonable amount of time???

359 days ago
We re-checked this perk, it is indeed broken in some cases (interestingly it works half of the time). We will fix it and update the game shortly with the changes. 

Sorry for the trouble.