Bug or missing button mapping PS4



First off, great game, enjoying it a lot.

There are a few bugs but nothing real bad till now. Now I have encountered something that I don't know if it's a bug or a missing button assignment for the dualshock (you could have made so much more with the touchpad, look at Warframe or elite dangerous).

When I'm in the forge, i can't access the stats that gives the red slots, so you don't know where to put in the refined material to boost this or that stats. Am I missing something or is it a bug? I saw guides about crafting (for pc, didn't found much  for ps4) and if you want to enhance the stats you have to fill the adjacent slots with refined materials, and here's the issue where to put what if you don't know what stats you are enhancing.

Hope somebody helps. 

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Bug or missing button mapping PS4
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1 year 39 days ago

Hmm.. on ps4 when I add materials to slots, on the right I see how some stats of the future item change. and below when choosing material it shows what type of boost it gives. but all this will not matter when you get same a relic item. he is much more effective than any crafted item.