Bug on the martyr chapter 2 mission


I'm on the mission the martyr chapter 2 I'm 5/6 clues complete. The last thing I do is take uthers tatot to the archeotech vault but there is no way for me to get there I've looked everywhere and cant find it. So I think it's bugged where the mission isn't starting up

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Bug on the martyr chapter 2 mission
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79 days ago
Please check on your progress in the campaign as we made fixes on our end. 
80 days ago
I guess it's still bugged at chapter 2 ..... 4/5 clues farmed near 8 hours for it to pop ..... please fix this ...... PSN ID stridermagnus

83 days ago

Thanks for reporting the issue, we will fix your progress as soon as possible! 

83 days ago
I am also dealing with this issue on my Assassin. I hope this can get fixed soon.  PSN: The_Ebon_Fox
171 days ago


we made some changes on our backend yesterday, please check if the fixes resolved your progress problem. Further fixes are to be expected shortly! Our apologize for the inconvenience!