Buffs from gear/passives randomly stop working when you enter to a mission.


I didn't bother to report this earlier because this bug is very rare and easy fix is to re-enter to a mission but now I have to because I ended loosing 1 hour of progress in ebony void crusade because of this. I entered to a supreme mission and suddenly my character was taking a ton more damage than she normally would and did barely any damage. I wasn't even able to clear the first room in top left corner supreme mission. 

Now to a bug. I have noticed that all buffs that you get from your passives simply stop working, damage buffs, damage reduction, crit buffs etc. Also I think your gear is effected too. You just enter to a mission with absolute base stats which is a huge nerf to your character. There is comparison pictures in screen shots on what happens to your stats. Those pictures don't show stats during combat but the idea stays the same.

This picture is without the bug.

This picture is with the bug.

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1 year 282 days ago
This most likely happened in a mission against Khorne enemies. The issue is known by us, it will get fixed. Until then a quick workaround can be if you unequip then equip your gear in mission if you notice this issue. Sorry for the trouble!