I love this game, but Warzone is the most infuriating, broken piece of gaming shit I have ever had the displeasure of wasting my time on. The leveling is agonizingly slow and unrewarding. There is an extremely small number of maps, about 3-5, all of which have generic rooms which are commonly used throughout the game. There is no build that will help you get through Warzone faster or with less frustration. Lastly, God FORBID you run into the Alpha Legion. I've played games ,still in development, with enemies that weren't anywhere near as broken as the Alpha Legion is. Warzone would be twice as better and more fun if the Alpha Legion wasn't as broken as they are now.

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5 years 220 days ago
If you're going to have very few maps there need too be ways to fine tune strategies for those maps, but there's few interesting things you can do to make these maps interesting to play on.
5 years 220 days ago
Broken Alpha legion? Be glad you dont run into Rebel guards in the warzones. Then you can complain.

Warzones are, as said by others in this post, not for leveling your character. this you can do with tarot missions.

Its a "endgame" grind you can compare to the Grifts in D3

There are some guides for good builds on youtube for WZ who are strong and not exploiting bugs within the game (like the molten beam/time warp meta before the nemesis patch)

The only thing that makes WZ a rage zone are mechanics within the game itself. Movement from your character, mobs not targetable while beeing stunned or knocked back, FPS breaks ect.

Also some issues with the rooms you get. Best example is one huge room with the warpportal at the end of the room left and right. You have to run after every patroulle outside of the center, since you cant get aggro of them. 

Or the room with the pipe covers at the end. A nightmare for melee builds.

5 years 222 days ago
What gear?  That's the issue.  The same relic bolter we got at level 15 is the same one we get now.  The warzone relics add nothing new and the weapons are surely going to be the same old relic with an additional modifier.  There's nothing new at all in wz, that's the biggest problem.
5 years 231 days ago

Warzone is not meant to gain levels. It's meant to loot gear and stuff to help you to reach the 1500 PR.

If you want level, Tarrot's mission on Impossible difficulty with double exp bonus is the thing.
Warzone drop rate of relics is actually pretty high to me. Reached the 1500 PR thing with all weap, armor, type of nades etc... maxed out within few days.

So actually, I think it's doing what is what designed to pretty good.

And I can only agree with Tao about the build to just get through WZ without breaking a single sweat.

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5 years 231 days ago
I agree with all things, except... how is alpha legion broken?

And there are many builds that get you through WZ to high levels without breaking a sweat.