Broken function on Silence the guns level


I'm on a Silence the Guns level and one of the turrets wont work at all.... I've tried several time to get it to be disable by holding the F key (Pc) and it refuses to work. Its on a desert world not sure if that helps/or matters for the world. 

Grimnor (Torque system)

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Broken function on Silence the guns level
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198 days ago
Well, lets hope it get´s fixed VERY soon. Because sometimes, if and when it happens, it clutters up your entire progress. THis is also included if you are in the progress of: Complete a FULL Hardcore Find ALL Infos and Keys. Now imagine yourself getting this Mission bug when doing Mission 18 of 22, in the progress of completing the Challenge. This is one of the reasons for me hating, and am so tired of these Void Crusade Challenges. Because the one and ONLY thing you can actually do is to just Quit Mission, and it´s over. You have no choice, whatsoever.
198 days ago
For the last couple of days I've been getting the same issue; in every Bunker Buster or Silence the Guns mission I've been unable to interact with one or more turrets.   Any idea when this is going to be fixed?

Also, by "be careful with the traps", do you mean we should try to lure the commander away from the turrets before killing him?  Or something else?

256 days ago
The issue is probably caused by the planted traps. This is an existing bug in Inquisitor and is on our to-do list. Until we fix it please be careful with the traps around the mortars.