Both genders for all inquisitors classes...


As title states. This would be 1 great addition from the many other additional changes that are needed for the game. Especially in terms of customization.

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Both genders for all inquisitors classes...
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4 years 222 days ago
Death cults assassins are not assassins from Officio Assassinorum Temples (Callidus, Venenum etc-etc). And there are many Death cults across Imperium, and most of them have no restrictions for only female/male members. 
4 years 222 days ago

Well I don't think that the fact the Callidus Temple assassins being female only, lore-wise, should stop us from being able to select a male assassin from either the Culexus Temple and/or a Vindicare Temple. There's also whispers of more temples than those to be exact. The more customization we have as players the better in my opinion and many others (I'm sure). I think just stopping at the statement of "Callidus Temple Assassins are female only" is just a easy excuse for not being thorough enough or going that extra mile for the player base. A rushed game if you will (Many indicators of that besides this too). You might even say personal customization in gaming is a standard in today's "gaming world" with all the optional games available to us to play with that feature completely "fleshed out" as possible.

I agree that there are MANY other things that need to take priority tho as well.

4 years 223 days ago
If i'm not mistakes the Death Cult Assassins just have female members, so it's not possible lore-wise to have male Death Cult Assassins.

For the other two classes.... well me personally, i don't mind it that much, maybe some people would enjoy having the choice.

Problem here is that it will have a lot of work involved especially for the Single-Player campaign due to the audio dialogs.

So i guess even if they would do that, its something we will have to wait for.

Devs have a lot of other priorities atm anyway.

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