Black Menu Screen Issue

  • Which operating system do you use? Windows 10 64 Bit
  • Which kind of software/hardware have you installed? 
  • i7-5930k, 32 GB GDDR4
  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing v1.10
  • What steps will reproduce the problem? Tried starting game in steam...
  • What did you expect to happen? Game to open in DirectX11/64 bit windows 10
  •  What happened instead? Waited screen goes black. then looks like
  • typically restarting it a few times until the "blood splatter loading screen runs" makes it work.
  •  there is my rig!
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Black Menu Screen Issue
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7 years 110 days ago
Thanks for the feedback. Under video options, set the game to run in DX9 mode and it will be fine until we figure out the problem.

Also, verify game cache via steam a couple times to see if the game download was not corrupted.