Be Able to equip two swords?


So if most swords are one handed, why not allow you to have two swords at once? (I assume you can quip two pistols at once, if not I suggest that also).  Rather than giving the individual actions, have two actions set for 2 x pistols and 2 x swords.

Example of two swords attacks.

Left click -  Swipes swords in front of him 90 degree arc

Right click - Spins around swords extended so clears space around him.

Two pistols

Left click - Slower more accurate fire from both pistols straight out in front

Right click - Faster rate, but less accurate fire that causes more damage?

Or possibly with two pistols get specialist ammunition?/ Combie weapons (E.g bolter with flamer/melta attachment)

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Be Able to equip two swords?
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7 years 86 days ago
duel guns is in, but sadly, they don't both fire in unison 
7 years 86 days ago

If i recall correctly, I might have seen the Assassin class dual wield swords.

So perhaps it's meant to be a class specific perk?

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