Base PS4 performance


Is there any chance that ps4 base players (not pro) will receive a patch that fix the horrible performance of the game? Framedrops, screen tearing, slowdowns, flickering textures etc etc? Because I can't ask for a refund ,Sony don't allow it if you execute the game. The game looks good but right now it is unplayable at least in the PS4 Base. Thanks for reading and i hope for a big patch soon.(I unistalled the game on hold for it).

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Base PS4 performance
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230 days ago
Ok having played for two hours with the new patch the performance is much better on a the base ps4 not perfect but a lot better good job devs.Thank you
242 days ago
Thank you for getting back with this additional piece of feedback. Our team will check the specific mission!
243 days ago
I have noticed that certain levels have worse performance than others it's the indoor levels with big rooms that perform terribly also I'm thinking it's the amount of post processing going on.I will say that the game can look really good at times.There is a mission early on called "The Ambush" which the console dev team can look at too see what I mean.
244 days ago
I would like to say I really like the game but I too would like more fps on my base ps4 not the pro version.Hopefully something can be done about it .
245 days ago
Oh right, that's my overlook, sorry for that. Nevertheless we will announce today the release of Prophecy which patch will bring further improvements to PS4. We hope this will help you.
246 days ago
Thanks for the response :). About the quality mode or Balanced i think there is no option in the base PS4 (not pro) i have the regular ps4 and i dont see any of that features.
246 days ago

We are sorry to hear you have such problems on PS4.

We focused a lot on improving the general performance on console since the game's release and with Patch 2.0 it reportedly got better.
On the other hand we received a couple of reports about screen tearing and framedrop problems so some additional adjustment will come to PS4 with the next 2 patches as well though we cannot promise it will eliminate all these issues on your end.

Additionally if you may play in Quality mode please switch to Balanced mode and see if it gets any better. We hope it will help in most places.