after mission finished  i have (random amount) "common bag" in "misc" section of inventory.... if i use one or all of them, they are annihilates without results, someone know for why this items needed?

PS: sorry for bad English...

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7 years 156 days ago
The bags contain random items. 

Do this  :  empty your inventory  - except for the bags ofc :) . Click on the bag. The bag disappears. 

Check the other tabs in your inventory, you will see that there are some new items there. 

That's it.
7 years 156 days ago
If you remove the first couple of items to the left of each of your inventories (move everything far right) - you can click on the bag and go through the tabs to find items added to the first couple of slots where appropriate :)
7 years 156 days ago

We will refine the loot bag process in the future, I have written this up to our bugreport, thanks for the feedback!

7 years 156 days ago
ohh thanks... but they are still empty
7 years 156 days ago

I'm sorry, but I did not see it ....