Bad Server Connection


Game loads up,but in main menu i have to wait some time to my characters to shows up,then some of my characters won't load(character can't load or something like that),when one of my character finally let to load- in game i don't see and name in friend list,and after i return to main menu no one of my characters shown again.Few day ago all work fine.When i've finally connect to friend we done 1 mission,and after that cant do more Server Request don't happen.

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Bad Server Connection
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254 days ago
Where are you from?

On what platform are you playing? 

257 days ago

Check it yesterday,solo game works fine,but coop missions can't be created(does not pass through server request)

259 days ago

would you please check on it again if the issue is still present? Nevertheless we will check on our end as well if everything runs fine.