I faced a weird problem. I tried to buy the game with a credit card and all the time i receive a "Bad request" message. So i dont know what to do now. I googled about this error and how to fix it but nothing helped. I doubt its just a problem on my side because i never faced it before and i used all the solutions i could find. I cleared browser cookies and cache, I even cleared DNS cache (or whatever its called) i even used and nstalled different browsers and still when i try to continue with payment (after i filled the form with credit card details) it directs me to the really long link (with tonns symbols) and then redirects to the "bad request" message. So anyone faced it before or knows how to fix it? I really would like to participate in founding and development of this great game and the only possible buying method for me is a credit card. :\

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Hi! Please write a detailed email to [email protected]

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