Awakening clue 2/8 Caius Thorn bug. Old dialog

  • Hello there.

I'm currently stuck on Awakening clue 2/8 "Talk to Caius Thorn". When I try to talk to the space marine I get old dialog from Magos. 

Please advice as to how I can progress.

My PSN is ssj_baker (if this helps) 

Many thanks!

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Awakening clue 2/8 Caius Thorn bug. Old dialog
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299 days ago
All working now

many thanks!

300 days ago
Please check on your progress when possible, we ran a global script on our end which should have resolved it. Please get back to us with the result!
301 days ago

Hello there any update with fixing this bug?

Many thanks

304 days ago

Thanks for reporting the issue, we will fix your progress shortly!