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After exploring all of the audio settings, I'm hoping for some guidance or to have this post considered feedback for the devs.

First off, i love the music for 40kim.  It's so spot on to me.  I hope new content will also include new music like season 1 introduced the new character select music. :)

So, my problem is that i cannot adjust audio priority between bgm and sfx.  I know i can mix the volume levels.  But if you lower the sfx, whenever a loud sfx event occurs, it creates a rough space in the bgm.  Now imagine you have several sources of loud, high priority sfx's and... they also happen to fire intermittent of each other.  The beautiful bgm is... compromised (to put it lightly).  Hacked up, volume up, volume down, up down in out etc...

For example, at the beginning of a mission, if i keep swinging my greatsword, each swing affects the bgm.  The bgm gets very soft during each swing, then returns to normal.

An analogous feature is in the audio systems of some cars, where the music lowers when the car slows down.  I always turn that feature off and i was thinking there would be an off button for this "audio priority" issue.

I'm on Xbox One X.  Thank you!

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Audio priority
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