Attack/defense stats


So just a quick question. Does the attack/defense stat on gear have any effect on the game? Or am I better off to look at the modifiers on each piece and ignore attack/defense. A 12 attack weapon seems to do the same damage as a 30 attack of the same type. Also are there plans to implement mouse-over descriptions on the stats page?

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Attack/defense stats
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6 years 271 days ago
Airsick Hydra

ok fair enough so its just try and error at this point? or is there any rough information already available?

6 years 272 days ago
I asked a dev this and the response was yes, although I think there are currently some items that break the rule. The item att/def contributes towards your total character level, which is a more important variable in total. But as we only have early game content right now it's less relevant.