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The background for the assassin is weird.

1. Inquisitors are trained in Schola Progenium

2. Assassins are practiced in Temple from a very young age.

If we said that he was first assassin (10 years of training) and was then selected for the Inquisitor OK but:

3. Death Cult Assassin are an extreme cult where some fall to Khorn.

4. The appearance of Assassin's character from Callidus Temple, but sniper rifles would make sense at Vindicare Temple. ,

Would not it be better to write the background so it is Inqusitor who was taught by Assassin in team and snipers, Xenos team members? Something like Ravenor and Eisenhorn when they learned fencing from Arianrhod Esw Sweydyr?

And the animation of those hair is also quite disturbing. Maybe I would not hold so strictly to the appearance of Callidus assassins.

Excuse my English. It's not very good, so I used the Translator

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Assassins Background
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6 years 163 days ago

Hello friend - While most of what you have written is correct. We aren't an imperial assassin. We are a death cult assassin and therefore point 1+ 2 don't apply to us. 

As per point 3 we are a death cult assassin which is an entirely different character. While some argue with this - sometimes death cult assassins are trained within those collages as a personal favor to an inquisitor. Which is documented within some books. These chaps are also frequent members of an inquisitor's retinue. But more importantly capable of rising in rank and asending into becoming a full inquisitor themselves. Not all death cult members are raving lunatics all their lives.

As for the equipment I personally don't see it as being a case of  "you have an exitus ergo you must be vindicare" - Too me it's a case that "oh I have an exitus - vindicares like to use them" - In this sense I don't think the helmet and weapon really dictates what your training is, just what equipment you like to use. We can probably argue that a death cultist shouldn't be getting such nice toys - but we are an inquisitor after all :)

Perhaps worth searching the forums, theres a good 5 threads on this exact topic 

Thanks for putting all the references, very handy. 

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