Assassin Dodge Bug


I installed Warhammer 40K Martyr and Prophecy through Steam.  When I use the dodge roll on Chaos Undivided: Viper's Nest quest.  When I approach the cogitator, wile fighting enemies and use the dodge roll my character becomes unresponsive.  It has happened multiple times, on this level.  It seems to happen when trying to roll from a bridge section onto a platform.

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Assassin Dodge Bug
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118 days ago
Could you attach a screenshot to your thread? We would like to check on the part of the map where this particular issue can be reproduced. Thanks in advance!
120 days ago
Careful when you do that, I had my char fall through a ramp (coming from bellow to the upper part) fml the mob could hit me yet and I died instead of reset the whole mission.

Also, don't forget to report what are you using to play, Kb/Mouse or Controller so they can check it.

Also if they are wireless, check if there's nothing between them and the receiver on your PC, or if their batteries aren't dying.