Asking for SOME information on 2.0 and Prophecy for Console, please!


Im really into WH40k, and Ive wanted to get Martyr since release so when it went on sale recently i was psyched, especially after reading about the changes in 2.0, and the new mechanicus dlc coming out. So i decided to grab it on the Xbox sale and wait for 2.0 to start playing, since then ive had a hell of a time finding any info on it besides that nice coompendium and basically no info on the console edition at at all. For release dates ive seen Q1 2018, May 28th, June 20th, June 30th, no news coverage and the neocore twitter is a wasteland of old dlc ads and "meet the developer" fluff posts with no real information at all. Before i started looking on the forums i had assumed a concurrent release across all platforms, as virtually every developer does that these days, even indie devs, but after seeing the scatterbrained info released on the forums, now im not so sure. So im asking directly, are you working on Prophecy and 2.0 for console? If so, roughly when will it be released? 

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Asking for SOME information on 2.0 and Prophecy for Console, please!
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350 days ago
Ok fine i guess "a couple of months" is all i get then.
353 days ago

indeed, our entire team is working on both the 2.0 patch and the Inquisitor - Prophecy expansion. We postponed both due we felt that a more polished version do we want to give out of our hands. The 2.0 patch will arrive to PC 20 June while Prophecy on 30 July and we will release both on console as well later.

353 days ago

All DLC, new content seasons, big updates come to the console a couple of months after the release on the PC. see roadmap. Prophecy and 2.0 will be on the consoles too, but later. developers told about this on the yotube live streams.