as already done a total wipe...


remove full-online + offline game distinction.

do as in torchlight 2, or any other non-online arpg:

- single play: + steam cloud to sync your saves across multiple devices

- online multiplayer: use same chars/saves, but let people login to neocore (just to avoid piracy)

+ another suggestion:

make godly items drop from world chests. not only through boring keys. it's worthless, disproportionate grind.

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as already done a total wipe...
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7 years 128 days ago

I agree to you suggestions, but the last point is wayne for me.

7 years 128 days ago
I haven't seen any items  drop from chests besides crafting components  But i  would diffidently be open to seeing stuff  drop in there  too.  make them worth while to pick up  as they don't have purple in it they aren't anything that needs to be done yet.

I think the only weapon i got from a chest was in a tarot.  Not to mention the cost to make the keys of those are too high.