Armor-provided skills comparison


After trying out all three armor-provided skills on Hunt missions, i'd like to put in my two cents about them.

Assault Jump: Aiming with the skill is clunky, its damage is quite good (90 damage per target hit), area of effect could be better, it hits only in melee range of the landing zone. The aesthetic effect of the jump is quite bad for now, you can't feel the weight of the character at landing, like you could for example in dawn of war 2, i am aware this is probably subject to change yet.

Tarantula Turret: You cannot choose where to put the turret, it puts next to you automatically when you activate it; should be a targeted skill in a certain range. The damage of a single turret is mediocre, but since you can put down three of them, the overall damage is quite good. 

Extra suggestion: make a perk/talent in the future for the skill to be able to upgrade it to the anti-armor missile turret mode, as Martellus had it in dawn of war 2.

Cyclone Missile Salvo: The targeting is clunky a bit, the minimum range of the launch is too big in my opinion; the damage is good (90 damage per rocket, has area damage and shoots quite a lot of them). A major disappointment for this skill i found at the moment, that it does significantly reduced damage against armored targets, namely on Dreadnoughts and War Bearer walkers. The whole point of this skill in the lore is giving infantry an effective weapon to deal with armored targets/vechiles.

+1  Grenades. 

Their damage is good (~150 damage per target hit); the area of effect could be better, but the targeting is abysmal at best at the moment. The minimum range is too big (same problem as the Cyclone), and the activation of the skill could use some refinement as well.

That's it for now.

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Armor-provided skills comparison
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I have added this to our insider suggestion section, thanks!
7 years 121 days ago
You can't pick up the turrets, so when you have your three down (max) and need more, you're just bending over for the Nurgly goodness to fill your insides.