Armor. Please add more armor looks.


After a few days of playing i must say the game turned out to be pretty good overall, even with all the bugs that appeared and all the trouble with launch it is a very decent game to play. 

Only downside is armor looks, please make haste in adding alot more armor looks to the game. Leveling a character with the same armor look beause the other ones look like crap is not really fun. There is a loading screen with a plate armor with a sword and shield that seems alot like some sort of transformed terminator armor, i would really like to know why we have that image and no armor that looks like that ingame. Please make it available and create more variety.

Also i always assumed a Thunder hammer would have lightning coming out of it and it does not, even if in the videos it clearly has lightning around it when the guy equips it. 

Good game so far, do not delay in adding what is missing. 

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Armor. Please add more armor looks.
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4 years 90 days ago
Exactly the reason why i asked here in the first place, if you read the entire post you will see that i stopped playing the game 1 or 2 weeks after launch exactly because there was no real variety on armor looks and they looked ugly as hell. I did not get a response at all so i assumed what every normal would assume, that nothing happened and people dont even see the forums anymore. If what you say is true and relic armor have a different look i will look into it. Is that armor that you see on loading screen with a guy with a sword and shield implemented yet? Do not get me wrong the game has alot of potential but they left some serious rpg stuff behind at launch and in the weeks that followed.
4 years 102 days ago

Hello everyone, it would be great if you would add to the game new types of armor, customization and the ability to transform one type of armor to another!!! Thank you very much and we believe that you will do it!!! The game is incredible!!!

4 years 103 days ago
Clearly you haven't played much! There are tons of new looks for armor, most of it is with Relics. 
4 years 105 days ago
By the amount of reply's after one week i will assume the game is actually dead. GG, such potential, so expensive, such a disapointment.
4 years 111 days ago
So. I stopped playing the game a week after starting this post.. wich was 4 months ago. So my question is, are there more armor skins now? Or was it really one of those promises that they do just to shut the community up?
4 years 230 days ago
if they say we will have more then we will, they kept their word so far. Support them, they will add more. I totally agree for more different armor/weapons looks,
4 years 230 days ago
I  sad to say cause i like warhammer so much BUT, in LIVE Live videos,  they SAY we goin  have a lot more armor looks, and skills, more turrets types ( flames, misseles , a possible summon guardsmans ) Then release the game and nothing of that.. its sounds like NO MAN SKY promicess, realy sorry to tell that, but some simples thinks in the game in full release dont have it.

1.No new types of armor skills ( Flames Turrets, or even summon guardsman ) Like they promisses in LIVE

2.No new types of armor Skins, and no helmets..all looks same

3.Thunder hammer,  no thunder, and the EPIC possition in hands?.. he hold hands in the end of Hammer.. looks ugly.I want  and noob.thunderhammer who explode enemys around like Warhammer Deathwing..

4.Physical weapons range = no bleed.. ?? just Assasin got Dots.. and ??  (Bullets = make bleed ) or make Relics it that power.

5.Most RELICS have same powers, and someones dont work.

6.Maybe reform skill tree, it Physical Range and Physical closecombat. more clarify and make items to bleed effect who physical.

7.Freeze DOT in skill tree, but no freeze weapon or freeze effect maybe put in weapon like Relics.

8.What about you guys copy some ideas like the weapons in deathwing?? that Rifle it explosion bullets.. that nice to put in game, some effect, and weapons, that mace who explosion ratio in few seconds cooldown.. can you put in thunder hammer too for dont overpower, each 10sec thunderback and in a HIT explode all around..

Sorry bad english,

But i sad, because the game have future, but need work in that few details, armor, items, and like urgent priority.

4 years 230 days ago
Yeah I think i'll be putting this game down for a couple months till they iron stuff like that out. I'll have to not recommend it till they do. I'm having fun overall but my trench coat wearing super tank looks atrocious and the lack of small details on the power weapons really boggles my mind.