Armor design and the cardinal Rule


Bonus points for people who get the reference.

Now on the topic at hand, I love the armor designs, I love capes and yes I know there should be epic capes in this game, I don't want them all gone. But I would just like to propose a small consideration for one type of armor: assault armor. The one with the jetpack. Which corrupted heretek in disguise thought adding a cape under a jet engine was a good ideea? I mean forget burning up or having the propulsion flames adhere to it and damaging the armor underneath, what happens after a jump if the cape falls over the intakes and gets tangled up in there ... it's just so sily. Even for 40k. The universe where astartes go into battle with no helmets and chainswords ... you won't see them have capes on their assault units. Not even The Dark Angels, Black Templars, Space Wolves or Blood Angels do that.

Just another small aesthetic consideration.

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Armor design and the cardinal Rule
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i'm kinda having a hard time making an argument to keep the cape, which is a first time for me. 
7 years 94 days ago
Agreed. This is a good suggestion
7 years 94 days ago


Yes, 40K does tend towards the absurd but putting anything flimsy close to the intakes or exhausts of jet engines is bad.

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