Archeotech Relic Demolition Armour


The Archeotech power armour version that has the main attribute as "1% damage bonus for every 1% HP missing" is not able to have the appearance changed by the tech priest. Can't change to other looks, cant adjust any wear/grime/, cannot change any of the colors. Any fix you guys could provide for this would be great, thanks. 

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Archeotech Relic Demolition Armour
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41 days ago
Sorry to take a while getting back to this. It seems that though I had logged in and out once or twice and still has the same problem it has corrected itself. So, no problem now. Thanks for getting back to me though. 

53 days ago

Sure, we will check this out. Thank you!

EDIT: we just checked it. Both the Assault and Demolition Armour got this main enchant but both of their looks could be changed. Please tell me your account and character names and place the bugged item into your inventory. We would like to test that one too.

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