Arc Sword: Archeotech relic skill tags



When comparing a standard artificer crafted Arc Sword to a looted Archeotech relic one, I noticed a change in Voltaic Strike skill tags.

While these archeotech upgrades have been strictly beneficial for other relics I've seen so far, this one doesn't seem to be:

Artificer version:

Archeotech version:

As you can see, the second one loses the "Chain [AoE]" tag. Is it expected?

To my understanding this change prevents the skill from using AoE-related passives. I can understand giving that skill a more single target focus on a weapon that's so AoE-centric, but it's not replaced by the "Single Target" mod. So in its current state it looks like a straight decrease compared to the normal skill. Did I miss something?

Thanks in advance!


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Arc Sword: Archeotech relic skill tags
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82 days ago
We will check on the matter, thanks for reporting it!