Any Plans for a level reset?


Hello. I am seriously considering buying this game just to support the development but whether or not I play consistently and help out in the way of bug fixes will rely on the answer to a single question: Are there any plans to reset the levels of my account or characters at point of release or earlier?

I have a sort of irrational response to level resets and I extremely dislike when developers do it in their titles. It doesn't mean I won't buy the game. I just wouldn't play it til release.

Thank you for your response! This game looks like it will be incredible! Keep up the good work!

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Any Plans for a level reset?
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6 years 292 days ago

There will be 2 more wipes at least. Noone can tell you if there are more. Some changes of systems may require a wipe, thats testing a game. If you simply want to play the game and enjoy it you better wait for it' release. If you want to give feedback that is considered by the devs you better buy it fast and live with the wipes. Neocore are some open minded dudes as it seems and they like community feedback and work with it as shown in the first sticky here.

6 years 293 days ago

Correct. There are two confirmed complete wipes upcoming. The first with the November update. The second, at full launch next year.

6 years 293 days ago

There will be at least 2 more wipe's while the game is still in Alpha. If you don't like them best waiting until full launch (q1-2018). Most game's do it while in Alpha and before at least beta/launch.

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