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played a few hours over the weekend and thought i contribute my thoughts - mainly about my perceived gameplay :

character selection :

from what i see is that there is three ways to define a characters role/ abilities which is in order of how greatly it affects
playstyle is 1. gear, 2. skill tree and 3. attribute points. ( i did not discover that there are attribute points to spend up
until i was lvl 14 btw )

the chosen class at char selection just switches certain gear pieces so its just the start loadout we get to chose not
really a class. i have the impression that "classes" will be named and build by gear/ skill combinations via community
rather than "rolling" a new character with a new class.

first item insights and gameplay :

once i aquired like two pieces of gear with +movement the game felt much more enjoyable and fluid. also grav gun while being
op is the only gun that gives a decent feeling of slaying through hordes. at the very beginning you kite shoot, kite shoot
in slow motion which is ok when you start but it kind of only changes until you discovere that channeled gravgun aoe.
despite it being a bit op its kind of the best crow control there is currently. i can slow right side - giving time to pick the
more annoying enemies and/ or shot left side enemies etc. with skill that reduces cooldown when hit while in green you can
achieve quite a nice fast paced playstyle.

enemy chaos marine rocket perma knockdown is real. if theres a bot and a mech going at you it is very annoying sometimes.
you get hit by a rocket. then the ( what feels like ) 10 second knockdown animation and once i get up the next rocket hits me
so its another knockdown after the other. there needs to be a way to get free of such things - maybe a one second knockback
immunity after you can move again so you have the chance to move.

fighting out of cover is not possible currently due to camera settings and doorways. im not sure but i believe itll be good if
cover bonuses and animations would be tied to holding the shift key but where the character is standing. if he is standing near
cover he will use it.

while covering is a cool idea its much more fun to destroy the environment crushing enemies left and right with it. it feels very
rewarding when i place my uber gravgun dmg/ slow pool where it touches a pillar or an object where enemies are taking cover
just to see all of it crumble to debris while i engage the next pack of enemies.

im almost certain that its placeholder reward currently but chests should also contain items so its actually fun to look out for them.
very rarely i encountered traps during the map which are fun but should reward something if you didnt die otherwhise they just feel
pointless in its current form.

during a mission the map has not enough contrast and is hard to see in some levels. some high contrast borders or better separation
between background and map would be highly appreciated. also the player cursor on map - make it blink. make it visible asap.
there have been cases where i had to look for where i am quite a few seconds and i got a good eye.

things i would love to see :

at the first runs i was looking through the level for secret passages, breakable doors, relicts to discover. being pretty sure now that
these dont exist ( yet ) i now just look for red dots on minimap which is kind of inevitable on the long run but there should be some
extra events every now and then so it doesnt feel like the same map even if theres different tiles of them.

some voice expressions ( not every 1 second tho ^^ ) for my character when he is fighting, standing so he feels alive. warhammer
has so many nice quotes for it.

a ( shared ) bank stash to safe some different items w/o having them in the inventory. there is more stuff i could think of obviously
but i dont really know what is already planned so i just stay on what i believe could very well be in with the alpha.

a real forum. you know. like bb forum and the sort. all warhammer fans like lore and art of it so discussions will be held and on
this... comment app .. its carbage. sry to put it so bluntly but yeah.

please never forget the lore aspect which to me is cruicible to a warhammer game and maybe why so many of them fail on the long run.
that being said -- i read something about seasons. please dont do it like another popular arpg game does to encourage people to
re-grind and to compliment this they randomly change some items which results in tweaking a bunch of other things just for the sake
of change.

id rather have a system where the environment changes. i didnt read much of it yet but i believe the cabal system will be diplomacy
kind of sort of?! so rather than forcing people to play new builds, playstyles it would be more fun to me if season would compliment
that factor of the game. where you can grap special trophies, build up special faction relations - shape the system. these things.
cant remember the name of the game anymore but players had to chose faction at start and during events different factions had to
do different things ( obviously durr ) and after the event ended stuff happened according to what faction had the most contribution etc.

it would be a different go than the typical pit everyone at each other with a ladder and evtl would make balancing obsolete or at least
not so important.

i like warhammer art. every now and then i want to look different. more epic. get an iron halo. get another iron halo on fire. things like

the level design currently is quite decent at this stage but the corpses and pieces of men and creatures everywhere dont really blend
in very well. i can literally feel the level designer clicking on a bunch of tiles ( even if thats not the case i felt that way no offense hehe )
with the "gory body parts" tile selected ^^ maybe less of them scattered but better built into the environment.

first fazit :

i am looking forward to seeing all the changes you guys are going to make and hope that some of my wishes will come true. no
matter what i am excited to see what this game will be ( or not be ;( )

i understand that its in an early stage so it might be that some things i wrote are unjustified. i woud be better informed if this was a proper forum i swear :P

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another first view
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7 years 104 days ago
Posted by Megapull 7 years 104 days ago

Awesome, lenghty feedback - just what we need. Thanks! Most of the features you have pointed out are working at a very basic form at the moment, and our plans involve improving them drastically. Hopefully everything will go the way you have pointed out.

Added this to our feedback section.

cheers to you guys for trying and thanks for taking the time to read that wall of text :) 
7 years 104 days ago

Awesome, lenghty feedback - just what we need. Thanks! Most of the features you have pointed out are working at a very basic form at the moment, and our plans involve improving them drastically. Hopefully everything will go the way you have pointed out.

Added this to our feedback section.